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Launch your Nuit Blanche at the
Supernova Base Camp

Saturday, Sept. 21 at 6:00 pm

Get set for the second Ottawa-Gatineau edition of Nuit Blanche, the internationally-celebrated, all-night art party, at theSupernova Base Camp. To cap off the Ottawa Art Gallery’s 25th anniversary year, OAG hosts the official launch of Nuit Blanche Ottawa+Gatineau on Waller St. and Daly Ave., the future site of the new Gallery building.

Attend the launch and you could be one of 250 lucky people to participate in the Firefly project, a social game using firefly-shaped pendants that light up when others are near. Ninety-nine Red Beacons (inspired by the 1984 song “99 Red Balloons”) will also be cast off into the crowd and carried by volunteers throughout the night.

Until sunrise, stop by the Base Camp to stretch out on some blankets, grab a drink, have snacks, make art, listen to stories and take part in performances, all in a cozy camp atmosphere. A cash bar, coffee bar, and snacks will be available.

Presented in collaboration with Nuit Blanche Ottawa+Gatineau, the Downtown Rideau BIA , the Council for the Arts in Ottawa and the City of Ottawa.

Chris St. Amand: Portaledge

“As a climber and a recreational pilot, I have always approached my interests in the mountains and in the air with proper training and certification to try exciting activities that are about living.”  — Chris St. Amand

A portaledge is a hanging tent system for rock climbers who spend days and nights on a rock face. From dusk till dawn, artist Chris St. Amand will be suspended on the facade of the Arts Court building on a portaledge, where he will interact with spectators and cast shadows with headlamps.

Supported by the Ontario Arts Council

S.T. + M.S.

Stefan Thompson is a vegetarian artist who uses materials sourced from nature to minimize his impact on the environment. Murray St. — Kitchen/Wine/Charcuterie is a meat-lover’s paradise, proud to serve local food and head-to-tail cuts.

These two divergent approaches to sustainable culture come together for one night only, as Stefan Thompson turns the alley behind 110 Murray St. into a colourful, urban menagerie. His artworks will also be on sale at ART Rental & Sales, just inside the Ottawa Art Gallery.

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