Zepol, Bistro Coqlicorne, Gatineau, 59 Laval, Centreville Gatineau

Zepol, Bistro Coqlicorne, Gatineau, 59 Laval, Centreville Gatineau


Marie-Pier Lopes, also known as Zepol or ZepolRock is a young artist that is a graduate of the University of Quebec in Montreal in Visual Arts and media.

ZepolRock also works as a dancer for the dance company called Bboyizm: www.bboyizm.ca

Painter, dancer, makeup artist for kids, Zepol is a multidisciplinary artist that is interested in various forms of art. Although in the last few years she has concentrated her practice in the medium of painting, this artist is also interested in the world of impression and scultpure.

At this moment, her work is concentrated of the research of the figurative inside of the abstract world. In other words, her study is a research on how to utilize and situate the figurative world in a very formal world of painting without losing track of her personnal sources of inspirations.

Bistro CoqLicorne is a place of gathering were residents and visitors of Old Hull can get a bite to eat and a good drink in a nice ambiance. Its menu is simple but colorful and offers a variety of tapas and grills but also nachos, sandwiches, soups and salads, all from quality foods.


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