Voix Visuelle, 67 Beechwood, Outer Place

Voix Visuelle, 67 Beechwood, Outer Place



To capture the roaming human, the omnipresence of media, the vampiric logique of technology and the world of numerical dreams. We question alienation, loss of control and the anxiety of the 21st century man.

Le Centre d’artistes Voix Visuelle is a contemporary art exhibition space established in Ottawa, which supports and promotes the work of francophone artists to a wider audience.

The programming of the Centre favours imagery art (digital art, photography, video) and three-dimensional art (sculpture, installation) in order to establish a dialogue between artists, the community to which they belong and the broader world of art.

The Centre also develops educational activities targeting artists, students and members of the public, in connection with its exhibitions. It facilitates presentations, lectures and any other suitable activities to further the comprehension of art in its surroundings. It supports emerging young artists through activities organized for the school environment. The Centre actively seeks to establish networks to expand its scope of action, to reach out to minority francophone communities and to encourage artists and artworks circulation to increase their visibility on a larger territory.





Medium: Site: www.voixvisuelle.ca