The Great Canadian Theatre Company, 1233 Wellington West, Hintonburg Zone

The Great Canadian Theatre Company, 1233 Wellington West, Hintonburg Zone

Come to GCTC for Nuit Blanche and be amazed. We are located in the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre at the corner of Wellington St. West and Holland Ave in Wellington West. We will be open from 7:00 pm until 2:00 am.

In the Studio (second floor)

“Glitch Stations” by Sean Lamothe is a combination of a circuit bent video game system generating a glitched projection on a distorted screen and a series of devices generating beats and rhythms. Each station has an interface so patrons can explore glitch combinations.

I’ve been fascinated for years with the unpredictable results of circuit bending. With “Glitch Stations” Each device will have a simple interface which offers the opportunity to enjoy the process of exploration and discovery provided by circuit bent devices. A projection surface and sound sources provide a truly unique and immersive experience.

In the FritziGallery (upper lobby second floor)

“The birth and death of stars” by Sanjeev Sivarulrasa

For me, the pristine night sky is a meditative space that engages the senses and the mind. In cities, the night sky appears bland and almost featureless – most people don’t even bother to look up. That’s the reality of living under light pollution. By driving an hour or more away from the city lights of Ottawa, I get to see a panorama of stars from horizon to horizon, which invites observation and awareness. I travel to dark skies in Ontario and Quebec with portable telescopes, lenses, oculars and digital cameras. In my creative process, I am interested in my subjective experience rather than a presumed objective reality. Total exposures in my images can be up to several hours, sometimes captured over multiple nights, which I digitally combine and process in my studio to create the final composite work.

Domicile hall (main lobby)

There will be music in the main lobby all evening as well as a cash bar and café. There may also be some interesting projections on the outside of the Irving Greenberg Theatre home of GCTC.

1233 Wellington St. West (corner Holland Ave.)


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