STO Union – Clarendon Lane – ByWard Zone

STO Union – Clarendon Lane – ByWard Zone

Location: ByWard zone

Description: Trophy is an interactive game that leads participants around Nuit Blanche. Part-scavenger hunt, part episodic performance, it’s loosely inspired by the boardgame ‘Life’. In this version, we explore six personal hype moments, or life turning points with at least initial anticipation, including career and love. Each of these elements is in a different location. Each stop in the game consists of a short performance by an artist who has significant personal experience with the topic, and a board game-inspired challenge. The performances are personal explorations of each theme. The challenges are fun but real, and allow us to think about how we have been impacted by these elements. The more stops you visit, the greater the reward! There are multiple entry points: participants can interact with the installation or participate in one or all of the performances.

Trophy challenges us to examine the elements that make up a life. What does it take to survive these experiences? And what is left when you have made it through it all?

Bio: Trophy is a celebration of the human spirit. It started through an AOE Arts Council residency at the Ottawa Mission where we explored the life turning points of 4 men. They had had extremely challenging lives and yet persevered on quests for creative, happy and successful lives. We were blown away by the stories we found and were inspired to open the piece up. We wanted to find a way for performers and audience members alike to share their stories of perseverance and to explore in playful ways the human drive to survive.

Trophy is part of STO Union’s live art series. The pieces circle around the nature of intimacy and our basic human need for face-to-face contact. They are personal and generally participatory: the role of performer and participant is blended so the audience has control over the performance on whatever level they feel most comfortable. We have created similar process-oriented pieces for festivals including Ontario Scene, SummerWorks, In the Soil & Magnetic North.

Site: Twitter: @stounion