Stirling Prentice and the Winged Beast – Steal This Art – William Street – ByWard Zone

Stirling Prentice and the Winged Beast – Steal This Art – William Street – ByWard Zone


Location: ByWard zone
Description: ‘Steal This Art’ is a pop-up, interactive art installation with a moral conundrum. Will you steal something? What are you ready to take? How far are you willing to go to get it? Will you get caught?

HYPE is viral. It moves from person to person, from site to site, growing as it goes. The goal of ‘Steal This Art’ is to create a centre of virality. Throughout the night, volunteer photographers and videographers will be on hand to try and catch people taking art from the installation. This record will be posted online afterward, creating another platform for the hype and virality of the Nuit Blanche experience to grow.

Bio: The Winged Beast, developed by Stirling Prentice, is a decade-old project that continues to experiment with many different forms – illustration, screen printing, painting, photography, sculpture, web design, and multimedia installations.
Stirling founded the Winged Beast as an outlet for his DIY, hacked-canvas worldview. But, it evolved into an exploration of art and politics, culture and economics, of that general complexity of the world around us. There aren’t a lot of answers. Stirling’s works look for ways through it all by keeping simple explanations at arm’s length and constantly reaching for new connections between ideas and imagery. All embodied by a mishmash aesthetic that is equal parts joy and irony.
Stirling and the Winged Beast stand at many cross-streets, idling on the corners of the physical and the digital, the ephemeral and the abiding, memory and imagination. The result is a body of work that is both recognizable and timeless (or at least timely).

Site: Twitter: @stirlbot