Stéphanie St Jean Aubré – Peep Show – AxeNéo7 – 80 Rue Hanson – Gatineau Zone **Cancelled**

Stéphanie St Jean Aubré – Peep Show – AxeNéo7 – 80 Rue Hanson – Gatineau Zone **Cancelled**

**Cancelled**Location: Zone Gatineau

Description: “Peep Show” is an interactive performance presented in one of Gallery Axe Ne07’s windows. The Nuit Blanche’s public will unwittingly be invited to observe a performer dancing to music chosen by the audience.

By asking the public to DJ, challenging the performer to dance all night, and integrating the elements of a classic peep show, the project is a natural echo to the wild nightlife and club scene while subtly invoking the working conditions of sex workers – a darker aspect of this so-called night scene.
Through improvisation and focusing on one’s reaction to the choice of another, the performer is nervous, both in control and helpless. The spectators are curious and act as voyeurs. As if it were a roll of the dice, how will their choices affect the performer?
By choosing to dance in an enclosed space where the other is invisible, the artist seeks to present the subconscious through movement. She wishes to reach a free psychological space, uninhibited and devoid of judgment. On an intimate dancefloor, the performer negotiates with the audience, takes advantage of it, and perhaps even forgets that ahe is being watched by the other. Just as it is in a crowded bar where you can be anonymous, embarrassed or entranced.

BioStephanie St-Jean Aubre is a multidisciplinary artist from Gatineau. For several years, she studied theatre, specializing in performance. She has now begun a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Concordia University. During this program, she was introduced to screen printing, a field that is now the center of her contemporary commercial practice. Her creations are often intimate and anecdotal in nature. By her drawings, installations, and performances, she poetically illustrates, and humorously questions various mechanisms such as: validation, self-perception, self-acceptance, the romanticizing of everyday life, and the reaction we have to the perceptions of others. For the past year, we have been able to see her work at studio SixtySix (Ottawa), at Axenéo 7 (Gatineau), and at l’Atelier de l’île (Val-David).

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