Scott Bradford, Scenic Route, Mambo Restaurant, 77 Clarence

Scott Bradford, Scenic Route, Mambo Restaurant, 77 Clarence


Scenic Route will be a painting which incorporates aspects of drawing and painting to depict different “scenic routes” in Ottawa, both urban and rural, to draw attention to the different qualities which entice us to “bypass” a standard route.

Scenic Route is part of a multidisciplinary practice which often focuses on science fiction, landscape, and/or narrative. In particular, Scenic Route acts as a continuation of my “Landscaping” series, which combines drawing and painting into singular images in an effort to disorient using different mediums to convey different spaces. These methods are at once complimentary and adversarial, creating a tension of representation in the work. Scenic Route is composed of multiple perspective of different types of “scenes” around Ottawa – all of which are “out of the way” and yet possess particular visual intrigue, whether it be from the narrative capacity they carry, or being “picturesque”, or otherwise.

About the host:

At Mambo we host cultural series, with Embassies & local Latino Cultural Groups which features the artworks of local Latin artists.

MAMBO Restaurante Nuevo Latino 77 Clarence St.Ottawa, Ont. K1N 5P5
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Taking inspiration from the fiery and aromatic cuisine of Central -South America, MAMBO is big flavors, Salsa music, Mojitos and a wide array of Tasty Tapas. MAMBO brings dynamic nightlife and a vibrant mix of cultures where you’ll wine; dine on a unique mix of Latin influences.


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