René Price, VINYL VAN, Parkdale Park

René Price, VINYL VAN, Parkdale Park

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The launch of the all new 2015 – VINYL VAN will take place under bright lights on the stage at the south end of the Parkdale Park in Hintonburg, with car Salesman/Artiiist Rene MCing the all night long event

I’m an ideaguy/inventor, quirky mockartist, scribbler, rascal, cyber luddite and grande amateur.
I like to work on large-scale projects that reach beyond the white cube and involve non-traditional partners, patrons and audiences. My art is about things: found things, created things, transformed things. I have created thousands of works of all sizes and shapes, in different media (painting, photography, sculpture and video installations). The excess of my artistic production reflects our society’s obsession with productivity for the sake of productivity and with the accumulation of goods.

It all references prevalent cultural absurdities. My stuff is accessible, vernacular, kitschy and rough in style, always ready to question “our” obsession with mass-produced perfectionism and slickness, hallmarks of a supposedly progressive society.
To me, my art has to be fun, funny and for the fun of it. It is intended to read as art that is beyond art.

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