Plateforme pectorale – Les observateurs – Projet ambulant/Roaming Project

Plateforme pectorale – Les observateurs – Projet ambulant/Roaming Project

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In the bustle of the night two observers are stirring. Dressed in gray wool, they are people of the land – shepherds perhaps? They observe the display before them simply and with affection.

The spectators amplify the effect of hype by the contrast there is between it and them. The more our spectators are silent, sober, and dull, the more the agitation surrounding them is striking. This agitation is defined by what it really is – temporary and unreal, an illusion. Despite that, it remains human and full of fun and magic. The characters embody gentleness, and are attentive to the little things. With their simplicity and their love they simply accept what is. Hype is permitted because it is possible as well.

Platforme pectorale is a group of socially engaged artists working in the field of interdisciplinary performance, merging sketched installations to conscious movement. This group is particularly interested in the cycles of nature and of the human body, in travel and the sea, as well as in urban and rural environments. The juxtaposition of elegant and quaint aesthetics and highly contemporary elements makes the tone of our performance fluctuate between that of a folk celebration and the sensitivity of meditation. Each performance is tailored to reflect the location in which it is presented. We favor spontaneity and simplicity, while being very attentive to detail and to the overall result of our performance.