Michael M. Simon, PIECE TOWER, Ottawa Architechture Week, 700 Sussex

Michael M. Simon, PIECE TOWER, Ottawa Architechture Week, 700 Sussex


PIECE TOWER takes on the challenge of constructing a multi-level, inhabited vertical campground. Hosting a community of urban campers in an assembly of scaffolding, vegetation and platforms, this installation intensifies an underused site in the city

Michael M Simon** is an Ottawa-based installation artist whose work employs the visual language and theoretical conventions of architecture as a means of both exploring and undoing the at times all-too austere rhetoric of the discipline. Using common, cast-off and found materials, he investigates concepts of permanence, temporality and nostalgia and creates pieces that are both related to the human body and themselves become characters within the built environment.

His most recent works include Hegelian Landscape (2013), Nuit Blanche, Ottawa, 2013 (in collaboration with Strangeloops Collective); Brainstorm (2012), St. Brigid’s Church, OAA RAIC, 2012 (in collaboration with Gabriel Mackinnon Lighting Design); In_You_Go (2011), Candela, Cube Gallery, Ottawa, 2011.

** This artist and installation are being commissioned by Ottawa Architecture Week 2014 and will also serve as the centerpiece of the festivals activities through the week of September 29th to October 5th.

Medium: Site: http://www.ottawaarchitectureweek.com