Mélanie Myers, *Rampe d’accès Gatineau-Ottawa*, Roaming

Mélanie Myers, *Rampe d’accès Gatineau-Ottawa*, Roaming


Four moving walls will be going from Gatineau, accompanied by people pulling them at their final destination, in Ottawa.

My artistic practice consists of installation and performance combined. When performance sees its limit, then I explore drawing and sketching. I sometimes even interact with the the general public. The medium I use usually depends on the concept. I am of the opinion that the medium used has an intimate relationship with the subject of the work.

I like to work on social or physical themes, themes that are taken directly from my life experiences. I am strongly  interested by social organisation and all that it entails: consensus, standards, systems, rules, traditions and so on. I use subtleties and sometimes humour to underline these incongruities that forge or disturb my everyday life.

My interventions are minimal and mold into a defined context. Language is key in my work. Language is used as instructions or orders to which I must obey. The results are often actions that seem raw and Cartesian-which amuse me considerably.


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