McMillan & Andrew O’Malley – 541 Sussex Drive – Byward Zone

McMillan & Andrew O’Malley – 541 Sussex Drive – Byward Zone


Location: ByWard zone

Description: McMillan will be partnering with Andrew O’ Malley, renowned digital artist who is no stranger to Nuit Blanche.

The canvas: our historic 541 Sussex Drive building.

The paintbrush: smartphones/tablets.

The result: An interactive light show for all of the ByWard Market to enjoy.

Dynamically projected through the office windows of McMillan (corner of George and Sussex), Andrew O’Malley’s interactive lighting installation called “Hype Machine” will illuminate that landscape during NBOG 2015 with a pulsating array of ever-changing coloured lights.

A simple online interface will allow members of the public to change the colour of the lighting in real time. And, as a play on the NBOG 2015 “HYPE” theme, the intensity of the animations will be determined via Tweets sent to McMillan. An increasing number/frequency of Tweets will boost the intensity and when Tweets exceed a certain threshold, a special animation will be launched.


Medium: , Site: Twitter: @McMillan_Agency