Mat Dubé, New Space, Adorit Boutique, 153 York, ByWard

Mat Dubé, New Space, Adorit Boutique, 153 York, ByWard


The ‘New Space’ projection will reveal the luminous transformation of a three dimensional character that alters his physical self and his perception of the space in which he exists. A powerful combination of sculpture, light and sound in motion.

Mat Dubé – Artist Statement

As a visual artist I work in a variety of mediums including sculpture, drawing, painting and stop motion animation. My main mode of expression is the human form. I am absolutely fascinated by the intricacies of human anatomy and facial expressions. The characters I create tend to investigate human behaviour, but more specifically, the power and effects of subconscious thoughts, memories and creations. The perpetual flow of thought that takes place within the realms of consciousness has the power to dictate our feelings, behaviours – even to shape our physical self.

Located at 153 York Street in the Byward Market, come experience the unique and hand made products of Adorit Boutique. Showcasing Canadian designs and fair trade products from India, Tibet and Nepal, Adorit has something special for everyone. Each product has a personal touch, with a story behind it—something that cannot be found in most stores. Our one-of-a-kind pieces are made from recycled and “eco fabrics”—materials that are environmentally sustainable, such as bamboo, hemp and soy. With its commitment to social justice, Adorit has established micro-financed programs in Tibet that support local economic development and have provided steady employment and training for Tibetan men and women, since 2005. Come down to our Boutique any day between 11 and 7 for a shopping experience that is both ethical and unique.