Marcia Lea – energyHYPEpower – The Rectory Art House – 179 Murray – ByWard Zone

Marcia Lea – energyHYPEpower – The Rectory Art House – 179 Murray – ByWard Zone

Location: ByWard zone

DescriptionenergyHYPEpower explores the energy of visual perception: light rays bounce off objects stimulating our eyes. This work removes objects retaining only light constantly transformed by random action.

energyHYPEpower is an artwork that focuses attention upon the vision in visual art. The work is a projected light installation that seizes the possibilities of the urban night darkness to present the sheer energy of light in a frenzied dance. Viewers are invited to walk through the projections in the studio to interact with the ever transforming form of the light. Our normal experience of vision is for our eyes to be stimulated by light that bounces off objects. It is this precious light that enable us to ‘see’ objects. On the night of Nuit Blanche 2015, this project removes the surface that reflects the light and retains the light for viewers to contemplate as it is again reflected, but this time off the studio walls. The night time city is the perfect place for this discourse as the darkness is illuminated by countless lights and movements. energyHYPEpower is created to enhance this spectacle with appreciation for the transformative power of light itself.

BioenergyHYPEpower revisions visual perception by using projected installation and images to isolate light reflected from objects. For decades, my artistic research has primarily focused upon light in its many forms. As humans we see objects only by virtue of the light that bounces off their surface. The light that is portrayed in this installation abstracts this energy from its original context. It is no longer the object that is being considered, but rather the intangible light. Without a reference to original surfaces, viewers can see the light in a temporal sense responding to laws of physics while appearing to transform randomly. There are moments of anticipation when light appears as a precise discrete form that spins, there are climaxes when light reaches a dance only to be thrust into sheer chaos a moment later. And then the cycle begins again. This work isolates light to increase awareness of this force that surrounds us and enhance our ability to see what we actually see.