Lori Victor – Object of Speculation – The Rectory Art House – 179 Murray – ByWard Zone

Lori Victor – Object of Speculation – The Rectory Art House – 179 Murray – ByWard Zone

Location: ByWard zone
Description: This work explores popular culture, national identity & spectacle. By expressing hockey hype through art am I reducing it to a mere “object of speculation” or does it become democratic, less elitist?


Hockey is a part of our national identity. It was impossible to ignore hockey’s dominance – we were inundated with stories about hockey especially during the playoffs! How has hockey become so prevalent in our culture? Does “hype” drive hockey’s popularity? How does “hype” influence our culture?NHL hockey games are spectacles. Art and culture critic Dave Hickey says society seeks out spectacles because their value is confirmed by the “normative blessing of institutions and corporations”. By attending spectacles people become part of a shared cultural experience, but are they spectators or participants? This installation explores issues of popular culture, national identity and spectacle.This is my interpretation of “hype” as it relates to cultural experience. What role does “hype” play in art or any other cultural experience, such as hockey? By choosing a subject matter based on popular culture, does the art become more democratic and less elitist?
Nuit Blanche Ottawa + Gatineau is proud to announce that it has partnered with Ottawa’s Tontine Award in order to support and honour a female artist and her project for this year’s “HYPE” festival.   This new initiative is in addition to two other micro-grants given yearly by the Tontine organization:

“The NBOG-Tontine award is a new initiative this year to support female artists in the region and we are excited to present Lori Victor as our first recipient. Lori Victor is consistently pushing herself to tell critical stories through her practice that question our cultural history, identity and our sense of respect within the environment. This is the fourth year she has produced engaging and important work for the Nuit Blanche program and it is an honour to work with Victor. “.  Dr. Megan Smith, Creative Director, Nuit Blanche Ottawa + Gatineau.

Please join us in congratulating Lori Victor by stopping by to meet her and to see her project on the night of September 19th!



Site: http://www.lorivictor.com