Local Toons & 8th Generation Theatre, Alien People, Roaming

Local Toons & 8th Generation Theatre, Alien People, Roaming

Our Bypass experiment “Alien People” will consist of 6 dressed in tights and tinfoil hats, cell phones as tricorders all sent on an away mission to planet earth with improvised communication skills asking for directions while roaming the exhibits.

Adam F Davidson’s community successes remain consistent since 2005 from working as an Art Instructor and Facilitator, Gallery Technician, Curator, Visual Art Performance and Exhibition, Local Arts and Music Events & Promotions .

With an extensive background in Visual Arts and Abstraction as a focus, he has also produced works as Poetry in the form of Thought Progression and Written Stories as Comedy Fiction.

For this concept I see myself stepping out of my origin as a Visual Artist and into the written that I have had evolving over the years in the form of comedy fiction short stories. As well to think of the ways I would like to explain odd moments I find trapped in my creative process in the form of live experimentation with props and connotations’ trying to make an inquisitive point, sometimes dealing with downright bizarre.

Medium: Site: http://www.adamfraserdavidson.ca