L’Espace René-Provost, 39 Rue Leduc, Gatineau centre-ville

L’Espace René-Provost, 39 Rue Leduc, Gatineau centre-ville



At Espace René-Provost

 Jacques-Auger Cultural center, 39 Leduc Street

From 19 h  to  2 h  

Indian last call

From 19 h to 2 h (uninterrupted)

At Place René-Provost

Presented by Nish Media

This 40 minutes documentary explores why and how a native woman of the last generation can hold to her culture, despite the fact that her most important native reference is dead. She’s the recipient of the 2011 Gémeaux diversity award, and a number of other nominations.

Realisation by Sonia B. Boileau.

Established in Outaouais, Nish Media expands her activities to two principal sectors of the video production: the televisual part and the company/governmental.


Discover the actor before he gets on stage…

From 20 h 30 to 1 h

Lodge at the space René-Provost

Presented by the Dérives urbaines theater

Come and meet the comedian in his lodge, just before he gets on stage. You’ll discover the emotions behind the scenes such as the stage fright, anxiety, the fear of memory lapses, the adrenaline rush, the doubt… Would you like to share with him this intense stress period ? Which of these emotions would you experience ? Enter into the spirit of the play from the actors’point of view and ask him questions !


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