INDOORS-Le centre culturel Jacques-Auger, l’univers des artistes de Gatineau, Centre culturel Jacques-Auger, 39 Rue Leduc, Gatineau centre-ville

INDOORS-Le centre culturel Jacques-Auger, l’univers des artistes de Gatineau, Centre culturel Jacques-Auger, 39 Rue Leduc, Gatineau centre-ville



Discover a dazzling variety of artists at the intersection of streets Wright, Leduc, Laval and Kent in the heart of downtown Gatineau. Enjoy a theatrical experience with “Dérives Urbaines”, come and meet D-Track and Frédérick Abel, and attend a nocturnal fashion show. The artists of Gatineau will host events inside and outside the Centre culturel Jacques-Auger such as, slam, dance, rap, jazz, theatrical performances, multimedia projections and street art. A creative, interactive and remarkable experience! 

As part of Nuit Blanche Ottawa+Gatineau, Gatineau’s Service des arts, de la culture et des lettres is pleased to make available the Centre culturel Jacques-Auger, a municipal building where a large number of art-related activities are to take place such as art exhibitions, workshops and theatrical performances.

Detailed program

Shows schedules



6h00pm and 1h30am Jazz Duo of Mélanie Cloutier and Daniel Martin Mélanie Cloutier and Daniel Martin are a duo of voice-guitar since June 2014. Their performances explore sensual jazz rhythms. Their versatility, will bring you into an enveloping and comforting atmosphere.
6h30pm and 11h15pm Richard Dassaut Singer and musician, Richard Dassaut presents electrifying plays of music from Eastern Europe and Maghreb (accordion, clarinet and percussion). Also, there are absurd and ingenious oriental stories, including Nasreddine Hodja, a character who’s wise and funny at the same time. Hodja is known by the Balkans in Mongolia, and from Siberia to Maghreb. Http://
6h50pm and 11h35pm Traditional folk dance bulgaredu, Rodina Group Presentation of Bulgarian traditional folk dance.
7h15pm, 7h40pm, 8h05pm, 10h05pm, 10h25pm, 10h50pm “Women’ body…Voices, movement and poetry!” Presentation of three poetic  performances, followed by an improvisation interacting with the public. The intention is to make this public realize the creation process behind the show. Mélanie Rivet, Fanny Lachambre and Lise Careau.
8h30pm and Midnight Frédérick Abel Fred Abel presents  6slams ficelés, a speak micro-marathon : words that you can count as feet and who present themselves as masters. A monologue poetry composed by six slams which seem like the sound of only one voice. You’ll laugh or be touched but you’ll definitely be charmed!
9h00pm et 12h30am Thierry Boudreault-Barcados Violinist/Slam Thierry Boudreault-Barcados is a “slammeur”, violinist/violist and lyricist from the Outaouais region. He tries to explore various styles of music, songs and poetry. He’ll do a violin/electric alto and poetic performance, we affectionately called, “slam”.
9h30pm and 1h00am The “slammeur” D-Track Musician, “slammeur”, rapper and the national champion of slam is also known for his first album, called “Abris-tempo”. A title who reminds the suburb, winter, the everyday life and the typical Quebecer: those are the inspiration themes for this author from Gatineau, who has a social conscience and talent to master the art of words.


Inside the Jacques-Auger Cultural center

39, Leduc Street

From 6pm to 2am

Visual arts

The “Collectif Collectif”

Installation title: Rétro

The “Collectif Collectif’’ was born from a collaboration between two teachers, specialized in visual and media art: Sabrina Lafontaine and Anny Pier Soucy. Their work has been influenced by the education field and their own questionings about it, without giving preference to an art medium in particular.

Nathalie Poirier is an artist using multiple techniques: employing lines and forms to express movement and change, she recreates the idea that life is constantly in movement. For the event, she presents two large canvas of 8 x 5 feet. Those are made with encaustic painting, using mixed techniques and different drawings placed in the center of the canvas.

Nathalie Poirrier (artiste visuel)

Michael Kinghorn, sculptor, uses metalwork for their colours and their natural textures. He likes to forge and melt them, integrating unexpected objects, to create sculptures that induce reflection. Those are composed by layers of different materials, with the purpose to evoke a feeling of transition. He explores the metal transformation in fluid forms, represented by sea creatures, insects, and micro-organisms.

Michael Kinghorn

Diane Lemire, multidisciplinary artist from Chelsea, takes her inspiration from the region’s heritage. She’s fascinated by all the possibilities offered by natural fibers used for her creations. For the event, she’ll create an installation, employing derived materials form natural fibers.

DIane Lemire

Kathryn Drysdale is interested by the study of human condition. She draws inspiration from our ways to react to ordinary life and daily events. Using drawings and paintings, she explores different ideas, emotions and state of feelings.

Kathryn Drydale

Jean-François Provost is a graduate student in visual arts form the University of Quebec in Outaouais. He received a lot of different mentions and prices since 2001, for his work as a painter. He has also participated to a number of collective and individual expositions. We can find his work in multiple collections, such as the ones of the ministry Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Loto-Quebec, the Beaux-arts museum of Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Provigo, city of Ottawa and Gatineau, and other private companies in Europe, United States and across Canada.

 Jean-François Provost

The Centre culturel Jacques-Auger is a city-owned cultural center in the heart of downtown Gatineau. Throughout the year, the Service des arts, de la culture et des lettres offers a wide variety of courses and workshops to introduce people to different art forms and cultural activities (stained glass, acrylic, singing, music, etc.). There is also the Espace René-Provost, a small 50 seat theater where more alternative and experimental programming is offered. The shows created at Espace René-Provost originate mostly from workplace, school and community environments and are supervised by the Théâtre de l’Île.

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