LA NOUVELLE SCÈNE, Détour sur la Basse-Ville, 35-61 William

LA NOUVELLE SCÈNE, Détour sur la Basse-Ville, 35-61 William


“Détour sur la Basse-Ville” is a musical multimedia performance with video projections. Through the streets and alleys of the lower town, you will travel sometimes into the past and other times to the future. The members of the audience will participate by sharing their stories.

La Nouvelle Scene is first and foremost Ottawa’s francophone theater, a place of creativity, ingenuity and imagination. It is also a place where people can express other art forms like music and song.

Since it opened 15 years ago, La Nouvelle Scène has become a major hub for the arts throughout the Ottawa region. While waiting for the theater to be completely rebuilt and more spacious in September 2015, we have developed privileged relationships with several partners who have volunteered to present our programmed events. 
While we wait to open our new facilities, where all out future projects will unfold, creativity remains our top priority and we have lots of it! It is what will keep pushing us to set bigger goals and to realize bigger achievements. 
We hope to see you in 2014-2015!