Karen Rasmussen, Closing Time?, The Rectory Art House, 179 Murray

Karen Rasmussen, Closing Time?, The Rectory Art House, 179 Murray

Closing Time? is a spacious, intimate installation, a decision-making chamber for considering changes we face and for figuring out our next move. A chance to bypass the usual anxiety of change, forego meds and psychotherapy, and take art instead.

I often make my work under the spell of a personal artifact saved for many years, like my Mom’s Singer sewing machine, or a childhood puzzle. These artifacts always seem to hold a meaning or question I am compelled to explore and try to share. Usually about our essential desires and fears: desires for meaning and worth, independence, belonging, health; fears of loss, failure, aging, death.

Visual art is my way of figuring something out and sharing what I learn. Once I focus on a waiting artifact, the piece begins. Gradually I assemble just the right elements to integrate with it – found or made-to-measure and often surprising in nature. For me, how an art piece is made, and what it is made from, are both integral to its meaning. Working together they make the clarity and evocativeness of the work stronger so it can show us what it is about.

This interdependence of process, materials, and meaning, encourages viewers to simultaneously feel and think about a work – a good art goal.