Gluey Group – Wunderblume – George Street – ByWard Zone

Gluey Group – Wunderblume – George Street – ByWard Zone

Location: ByWard zone

Description: The Wunderblume is an evening spectacle of light and kinetic movement encouraging audience participation to playfully activate the giant flower sculpture as it sits atop its perch above the crowd.

We see HYPE as the rolling in and crashing of waves. These waves come in varied size and cadence, but are cyclical in nature, implying a need for an artwork to ebb and flow with this cycle. Each wave has energy and it is our intention to not just create waves, but also ride each wave. The Wunderblume builds the “HYPE wave” through curiosity, spectacle, and audience participation as the kinetic sculpture glows brightly and rises above the heads of spectators. The “wave” begins with curiosity when The Wunderblume is viewed from afar; the sculpture initiates a choreographed routine when nobody is near, opening and closing its petals in preset patterns. This set routine is replaced by an interactive element when viewers approach the sculpture. The “HYPE wave” gains energy by introducing a learning curve as viewers become participants; the “HYPE wave” crests as people learn how The Wunderblume works and engage with it alone or in groups in playful, exploratory, and collaborative ways.

Bio: The Gluey Group is a Saskatchewan-based artist group founded by Ned Bartlett and John Campbell. A multidisciplinary approach to art-making is essential to the work of the group; it is the art, ideas, and GUIGluey project that creates the “glue” that brings the group together. By bringing together different artists and makers from different disciplinary backgrounds, the group is able to collaborate and create work that is more than the sum of its parts.

Project supported by:

The Saskatchewan Arts Board, The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation, and the University of Regina. 

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