Geneviève Thauvette, Akzidenz Grotesk (The World Is Yours), Ottawa School of Art; Roof, 35 George, ByWard Zone

Geneviève Thauvette, Akzidenz Grotesk (The World Is Yours), Ottawa School of Art; Roof, 35 George, ByWard Zone


“The World Is Yours” is written on an imposing blimp brightly glowing in the darkened sky of our nation’s capital. Appropriated from the movie Scarface, this aphorism is more relevant than ever as the banner of our contemporary philosophy. Although seemingly positive, it also supposes the vanity of excess and entitlement as is evidenced in the moral lesson of the film and the installation’s landscape of the Parliament Hill. The spectators are encouraged to photograph the blimp, which acts as a quirky thought bubble in dialogue with the city and the people interacting with it.

A blimp is a populist means of communication, often used as a vehicle for advertisement during stadium events and fairs. By using it for art purposes, to spell out an easy maxim without evident commercial motivations, such a large flashy commanding object without any demand of a return is made whimsical or even strange… much like Nuit Blanche itself.

Akzidenz Grotesk, the name of the German founded font used on the blimp, translates to “grotesque accident”. A blimp is an amusing eye-catching attraction, yet it is also synonymous for many with disaster. Atmospheric effects (such as smoke, light and sound) will play on this duality throughout the evening as it floats above the roof of the Ottawa School of Art. The positive affirmation of Akzidenz Grotesk (The World Is Yours) shows a darker ominous side much like the beautiful spectacle of a Supernova masks the destruction of a star.

Geneviève Thauvette is an emerging Franco-Ontarian artist currently residing in Toronto. Her photographs have shown internationally, notably at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, the Perth International Arts Festival and the Vie Jeux de la Francophonie in Beirut were she won the gold medal for Canada.

Her series Les quintuplées Dionne have been acquired by the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the City of Ottawa Fine Art Collection. She has also recently won the 2013 FlashForward emerging artists award.

Thauvette presented a performative installation at Ottawa’s inaugural Nuit Blanche to much acclaim. Cake is Freedom was the subject of a Radio-Canada documentary (Artv) that will air in the upcoming months.

Geneviève has presented many photo workshops and been a part of numerous juries. This past fall, she toured the North American and Caribbean delegations to select the final participating artists during the VIIe Jeux de la Francophonie.


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