Douglas Adam – SPLAT! – George Street – ByWard Zone

Douglas Adam – SPLAT! – George Street – ByWard Zone

Location: ByWard zone
Description: SPLAT! is three-thousand paint-filled balloons of all colours ready for launch via slingshot by YOU at a giant blank canvass. Come unleash the artist within and watch the project unfold!

What do you get when you have three thousand paint-filled balloons, three slingshots, and giant blank canvass? Welcome to SPLAT! In this installation each person becomes an artist, adding one ballooned-filled splat at a time, slowly building a masterpiece over the course of the entire evening.

Splat! is the epitome of hype. Each participant will necessarily come to the project with heightened anticipation, and expectation. Will the result of their contribution leave them fulfilled? Or will the experience itself be sufficient? How will the final product look? And how will each person’s contribution add to that outcome? The project is a space for experimentation and is the realization of social innovation. It is a space to develop original experiences and for each person to test their own creative endeavours. There will be no control over the outcome, which will slowly unfold as the night progresses. It is an art form of citizenship, with each participant contributing to the final piece.

Splat! has two philosophical underpinnings. The first is the belief that each one of us has a creative spirit. What if imagination and art are not, as many of us think, the frosting on life but the fountainhead of human experience? Splat! is geared toward helping each participant discover their own creative impulse that, once liberated, might offer new possibilities for achievement.

The second explores the tension between talent and the creative act, between mastering art as a craft and unleashing unbridled creative passion. On the one hand, the participant will be invited to add to the canvass with a certain degree of intentionality, by directing the paint at a particular point or at a particular angle. On the other hand, the participant will be faced with the chaos and randomness of the endeavour, lacking control over the result of their intentions and perhaps left only to feel the emotional force underlying the creative act.