Davidson vs Haile – Transformations, ByWard Zone

Davidson vs Haile – Transformations, ByWard Zone


Abstract Art at it’s purest – a demonstration of intuitive visual art, by two painters interacting on the same canvas for the duration of the night.

The piece promises to be colourful, textural and high energy, full of attitude and life.

Beniam Haile and Adam Fraser Davidson have been collaborating within the area of visual art since 1997. Both found a common interest through talking about art and ideas.Their project for Nuit Blanche is simple, atmospheric and it will be a powerful display of colour and texture. It will be a high energy experience.  They primarily focus their practice on Automatism and Abstract Expressionism and intuitively respond through spontaneous and interactive visual processes and conversations. Their individual styles complement each other and together they build and define their own synergy. They are excited to show the city how they have learned to work together over the years and to demonstrate their honed processes established from dedicated lives spent inhaling art.


Medium: Site: http://www.adamfraserdavidson.ca