David & Sasha, Rite-of-Way, ByWard Pedestrian Zone, 11 – 60 George

David & Sasha, Rite-of-Way, ByWard Pedestrian Zone, 11 – 60 George


This work will be a series of miniature painted plaster pylon cones arranged in a formation designed to channel the flow of pedestrian traffic. Overhead lights will illuminate reflectors on each of the cones forming a star-like constellation.

One of the fundamental organizing principles that emerge from our built environments is the necessity to control ever increasing volumes of movement through complex systems. The infrastructure that facilitates the transit of people extolls upon us a promise of limitless mobility. This is however an illusory freedom manufactured and dictated by a near universal language of signs and symbols that tell us where and how to moves. Movement is so tightly controlled that even as infrastructure deteriorates the symbols only change to reflect the new conditions of our movement such as our speed and direction leaving the overall paradigm of control intact.

We all submitted willingly to this regime because it is the only form of navigation we now understand and it has completely replaced more traditional ways of navigation. A dark forest would be paralyzing to most, a starry night retains its beauty but no longer its function.