Cube Gallery, The Portage, 1285 Wellington

Cube Gallery, The Portage, 1285 Wellington


Rebecca Mason & Reid Mclachlan (redcanoes) pay homage to the vanishing ancient trails that bypass the falls and rapids of our urban rivers. Are these paths of avoidance, safety, endurance, loss or discovery? Follow the signs and decide for yourself.

Don Monet is a long time Ottawa artist, curator and activist. With writer Becky Rynor he is co-owner of the Cube Gallery. He has organized and curated dozens of political exhibitions and shows at Cube as well as at artist run centres like SAW, 101 and Mayworks Art Festival. Hi exhibits allowed visual artists to tackle such issues as the Quebec Summit, the bombing in Yugoslavia, war in Lebanon and support charities like Doctors Without Borders and War Child. Cube has been host to a number of writing friendly events over the years from poetry salons to book launches.


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