Claire Scherzinger, Serpentine Maneuvers, Ottawa School of Art, 35 George

Claire Scherzinger, Serpentine Maneuvers, Ottawa School of Art, 35 George


“Serpentine Maneuvers”, installed in the OSA gallery will present a socially interactive work that combines black light and hand cut wooden triangles. Visitors are encouraged to pick and keep a triangle from the installation.

“At its crux, my work is concerned about examining and perpetuating the relevancy of contemporary drawing through interdisciplinary methodologies. In my previous bodies of work I examined the spectrum where a drawing begins as a two‐dimensional image and reaches a state of object‐hood as an exchange of visual information between carefully fabricated artifacts as well as minimalist pointillism drawings occurs.

In my new series of work, I have become interested in integrating other aspects, such as performance and installation into my drawings and sculptures in order to achieve a narrative flow. I design a series of site-specific performances and installations staged and crafted by myself and have actors perform in these fabricated spaces. Most importantly, I create a series of drawings that are based off of the documentation of the performance and important narrative objects that are pivotal to the functionality of the performance as a whole.”

The Ottawa School of Art offers a full range of specialized art courses including lifedrawing, landscape painting, photography, ceramics, sculpture, lithography, watercolour, etching, printmaking, and a wide variety of specialized short courses and workshops. Children’s and Teens’ classes range from multi-media to animation and cartooning, sculpture and construction, pottery, drawing and painting.   In addition to art courses, the OSA’s programs have grown to include visiting artist-in-residence workshops, a professional exhibitions gallery (which hosts solo and groups shows by local, national and international artists) a one-year Portfolio Development Program and a 3-year Diploma Program.

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