Chloé Tremblay & Julie Malenfant, Cybèle & Cozak, Roaming

Chloé Tremblay & Julie Malenfant, Cybèle & Cozak, Roaming


Cybèle and Cozak, bird sellers rescued from the black circus, will wander around ByWard Market on stilts accompanied by their pet ostrich. These bright and highly colourful street entertainers are quite the number!

We are all searching for a truth: whether it is finding happiness, experiencing love, believing in an eternal friendship or in our own personal beliefs. We have hope and we hang on to certainties so that we may believe in our own existence, in our own conception of life and of what is real. But how far can we be led by this constant search for truth? What do we do with the lost truths, the false truths, the hurtful truths and the truths that kill?

Sometimes, is it better or easier to hide behind our own indifference so as to avoid facing the whole truth? Perhaps these questions should be left to Cybèle and Cozak who live in an idle universe, perpetually searching for evidence, for the authenticity of existence – for the simple truth.

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