Carina Profir, Avril_106, Ottawa School of Art, 35 George

Carina Profir, Avril_106, Ottawa School of Art, 35 George


Avril_106 is an installation placed in the dark and intimate space off of the Ottawa School of Art’s lobby. A plinth will hold a laptop displaying the PDF document of Avril_106’s online dating diary, accompanied by a two-channel video projection.

Avril_106 is a result of research that looks at ways in which audio-visual mediums can be used to explore and represent the relationship between man and cattle, with man as subject sovereign to cow as object. This relationship is heavily based on economics, where the input of resources into each cattle ensures output of product. Focusing on the breeding aspect of the industry, I have used intervention art online, looking for parallels between man’s self-directed pursuits in dating, and those of farmers in breeding their cattle. Appearance plays a large role in both realms, a conclusion supported by how I propagated Avril’s influence on the dating site, determined greatly by the presence – and lack thereof – of a profile picture. The two channel video is an exploration of profile pictures as snapshots of appearance, behaviour and environment, taken out of context. I will continue to investigate topics related to the dairy industry, and the cattle therein, using such moving video images.

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