Barbara Brown, The Enchanted Labyrinth, Bingham Park, Outer Place

Barbara Brown, The Enchanted Labyrinth, Bingham Park, Outer Place


The labyrinth creates a sense of connectedness that heightens participant’s awareness of their relationship to the environment. As participants travel along the illuminated path of the labyrinth they are enchanted by a complex sound collage.

The Labyrinth Project is an event that creates a sanctuary within an urban yet natural setting. Participants venture along an illuminated labyrinth path that winds through a to the centre of the space. Along the way they hear sounds emerging and echoing around the labyrinth. Vocal harmonies encourage their own participation in the sonic collage. The inward journey of the labyrinth reveals itself, one step at a time with a sense of quiet calm. Participants experience a sense of commonality and unity surrounded and supported by a sound collage of improvised vocal harmony.

This project is part of an on-going collaboration between visual artist Barbara Brown and musicians. Composer Bruce Nicol and vocalist Antonia Pigot are previous collaborators with the labyrinth and are both inventive and sensitive in their sonic offerings. A successful pilot project of this event took place in September 2012. See the Blog story.