Amelia Louis – The Applause Choir – George Street – ByWard Zone

Amelia Louis – The Applause Choir – George Street – ByWard Zone

Location: ByWard zone
Description: The Applause Choir consists of a group of individuals stationed upon a bleacher, who will spontaneously provide a burst of applause for all the unsuspecting public as they walk by.

The choir will provide performances, every hour, on the hour for 15 minutes.

The performers play an underlying role as sirens; drawing in unsuspecting viewers through their cheering and clapping, to not only become a part of the performance, but become its main feature. This performative art tromp l’oeils its audience, not only into the realm of HYPE, but to become the living representation of hype itself.

Bio: “The public themselves are not mere individuals, by passing by The Applause Choir they are placed in a temporal spot light, elevated into a mise-en-scène of syncopating noise, transcending their everyday life to become the living embody meant of the sound itself. Through this action reaction process, a role reversal takes place; the audience become the performer, called to play out the final encore sequence of elation.”

-Amelia Louis