AliCat Art Studio, 1395-B Wellington West, Hintonburg Zone

AliCat Art Studio, 1395-B Wellington West, Hintonburg Zone


AliCat Art Studio is an independent neighborhood art studio and gallery space run by Ottawa artist Alison Fowler. The second floor studio space is located in the heart of the burgeoning art district of Wellington West Village. Alison has worked and displayed her pieces in this space for over 5 years. There has been a wide variety of art exhibits in her studio including the West End StudioTour, Art in the Alley and numerous holiday shows that are well attended by local patrons.

Kaleidoscope will be a large floral canvas created by Alison Fowler, placed within a darkened room, with only the light of oscillating rainbow colours. The effect literally makes the artwork move. Alison has been excited to do this on a large scale

A large piece of art by Andrew King will be created in a traditional 1950′s three dimentional format so that visitors can wear 3D blue/red glasses for a unique art viewing experience. Spotlights will illuminate the artwork in an outdoor setting.

The third exhibit at AliCat will be a selection of artwork by both Alison Fowler and Andrew King displayed together in a softly lit room with music, purely for the viewing pleasure of the on looker.

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