Lori Victor receives the NBOG – Tontine award

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Nuit Blanche Ottawa + Gatineau is proud to announce that it has partnered with Ottawa’s Tontine Award in order to support and honor a female artist and her project for this year’s “HYPE” festival.   This new initiative is in addition to two other micro-grants given yearly by the Tontine organization:

“The NBOG-Tontine award is a new initiative this year to support female artists in the region and we are excited to present Lori Victor as our first recipient. Lori Victor is consistently pushing herself to tell critical stories through her practice that question our cultural history, identity and our sense of respect within the environment. This is the fourth year she has produced engaging and important work for the Nuit Blanche program and it is an honour to work with Victor. “.  Dr. Megan Smith, Creative Director, Nuit Blanche Ottawa + Gatineau

Lori Victor is currently completing her MFA and contacted us from Vermont to accept the award:

“It is gratifying to be selected for the Tontine Award as it not only recognizes my effort as an artist but also because it reflects my work in terms of community. My art strives to make a statement and to create a dialogue regarding subject matter that affects us all.  By being selected by a group of like-minded women – the Tontine Committee – I feel together we are enriching our community through art.” Lori Victor, visual artist

The Tontine award, inspired by women in francophone Africa who support themselves, their families and each other through micro-finance cooperatives known as “tontines”, is similarly supporting art in our community, through women who also contribute through their artistic practice:

The Tontine Award members are delighted to be supporting Lori Victor with an award to contribute to Nuit Blanche 2015. The Tontine Awards create space for recognizing the specific talents of women artists in Ottawa-Gatineau, including how their voices contribute to the vibrancy of our community. Lori’s work pushes boundaries, challenges gender stereotypes and makes people stop and think about the world around them, and the people in it. We are eagerly anticipating her work for the forthcoming Nuit Blanche!Erin Leigh, Tontine Awards

Please join us in congratulating Lori Victor by stopping by to meet her and to see her project on the night of September 19th. Exhibiting with us for a fourth year, Lori is committed to her work and we promise you will not be disappointed with this year’s installment.

In the meantime, we invite you to visit the Tontine Awards website to learn more about this fantastic initiative in our community and the people who created it and support it:


And of course, don’t forget to visit the artist’s website to learn more about her artistic practice!


The Nuit Blanche Ottawa + Gatineau Team


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