Neon Forestation by O-Town Bombers

nbogpoppinAt night, nothing is more ignored than trees. For Nuit Blanche Ottawa-Gatineau, O-Town Bombers are going to change all that by bringing trees out of the shadows. For this project the group will be covering 18 trees with neon crochet. Using neon colours and glowing wire woven into the fabric, the team will light up the night forest from Sussex to the Clarendon Courtyard.

The O-Town Bombers group began with last years Nuit Blanche when artist Justy Dennis wanted to cover a bus in crochet. The group has since grown to over 22 members who all seek to liven up the city while also giving back. The yarn used for each installation doesn’t go to waste. As Dennis states, “With each torn down installation, blankets are made and distributed to High Jinx, a local business that provides social assistance to the vulnerable in our community.”

– Lee Jones

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